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About Us

As an organization, HygynX is a brand subsidiary of Octuplex LLC. We believe in creating high-quality products that bring functionality, & efficacy, into your lifestyle.


Our products will always be a better evolution from the past the industry has seen, we simply make things better through innovative thoughts and approaches.
Our gloves were created with you in mind. It fuses high-quality materials with everyday practicability, aesthetics, and comfort. These are high-quality gloves, engineered for multi-purpose use and desired results. 

Enormously versatile, our gloves are of high quality. We will continue to work with our partners as we evolve, to make this product better, while meticulously listening to your valued feedback.

Once you own any of our products, rest assured, you are in good hands.

We believe, as an organization, we should evolve as the society around us evolves, so we can proudly bring fantastic products to you, to promote a healthy, sanitary, and beautiful lifestyle.

​We are a bunch of cool, but avid healthy-living folks trying to ensure you have better tools to live in your space.

It takes more than the right product to be successful, hence we will continue to focus on customer satisfaction, providing quality products, impeccable services, and a listening ear.


We deeply value your feedback at every turn!

To us, this is beyond getting the product into your hands, it deeply matters that you are satisfied as well.​​

So, let's do this together!!!


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