Durable and soft toilet seat cover, made from pure pulp paper, it is soft to the skin.


Nicely glue to a toilet seat. Not easily torn or ripped because it is tough.


Non-skid, and be confident it stays in place during use.


Portable pocket-size, foldable, and lightweight pocket-size item. Slips into your back pocket or purse, back bag, or travel bag just fine.


Pick n' Go convenience


Dispose of in the trash bin because It's non-flushable.


Used in public toilets because its perfect for portables, vacation camping, road trips, and other events such as cruises or at airports, including train stations and hotels.


Great for Kids- Worry-free on kids getting stained or contaminated from toilet seats.


Designed for use in all standard toilets

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers - Waterproof Individually Wrapped, Portable

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